The Mendenhall is Moving Up!

Dear reader,

It is hard to believe that this month marks three years since I sat down with my cousin and fellow co-founder of The Mendenhall, Allen Mendenhall, to plot the creation of this great publication. As with every editorial, essay, review, or podcast that we have since published here, the concept began with a love for the ideas and values that make America great. We were driven not simply by an idea of what it could mean for us in our careers, but by a belief that there were things to be said— that needed to be said— at this period in history, and that we could not stand by silently only to say later that we were too young or lacked credentials for others to publish our thoughts the way they should be presented.

Thus we began, aspiring to build a true online publication with regular readers who we could invite into the conversation to share thoughts and ideas, but satisfied if all that we achieved was to create an online sounding board where we and several like-minded friends could share thoughts for our own edification and enjoyment. Needless to say, the audience we found in you, your responsiveness, and your continual encouragement have caught us by surprise.

Today, we maintain a healthy daily readership, inspire debate and conversation across social media platforms, and have several hundred email subscribers who receive our articles and updates each time we publish. You were with us through the foreign and domestic turmoils of 2011; amidst the election year excitement of 2012, our readership doubled; and now, at the end of 2013, we invite you to join us for the next phase of The Mendenhall as we upgrade from a student-run blog to a full-scale, revenue-generating website.

From that first conversation in 2010, the plan for The Mendenhall was always bigger than what we could manage at the time. Now, with your encouragement, we are making it so. At the end of this week, The Mendenhall will be converting to a larger platform website, offering the same great commentary and analysis with a better visual presentation, greater volume of material, and more diverse offerings.

Needless to say, we  are excited about what the new year will bring for The Mendenhall and the issues it covers. We thank our loyal readers for returning to us time and again. It is a rare publication that enjoys such an intimate following as to know so many of its early subscribers by name. We promise not to forget those names as we move onward and upward to the next phase.

My sincerest gratitude,

Slade Mendenhall


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