Created in 2011 by Allen Mendenhall and Slade Mendenhall (cousins) out of the desire for a venue to publish their works and express their views, The Mendenhall began with a small base of devoted collaborators. As the publication grows, we strive to remain open to the contributions of like-minded individuals with something to say and a talent for saying it well.

We publish a variety of authors who may disagree with each other about many issues, but who support the ideals of capitalism and individual rights. Views expressed here may not always be those of the editors, as we hope to promote discussion by delivering pieces that provoke critical thought. We prefer pieces that are philosophical, timely, and more sophisticated than typical op-ed pieces. We like prose that is lively and unusual. We are writers, and we like good writing.

The Mendenhall takes a three-tiered approach to the presentation of our views:

* Editorials
* Portfolio pieces
* Reviews

These categories allow us the flexibility to give each issue the careful consideration and attention it deserves. Eager for up-to-the-minute, fast-paced thinking on current events? Our to-the-point editorials are the way to go. Hungry for something more substantive, perhaps a careful deliberation of issues that incorporates a philosophical consideration of our nations politics, history, or economy? Look to the portfolio, where we’ll be posting full-length reports on a wide range of subjects. Maybe you’re more of a big-picture guy who’s trying to look back on the past year and make sense of all the little details, to formulate them into a full-fledged conceptual understanding? You’ll love our annual Review, where we finish each year with a consideration of what the past twelve months have meant for our culture and guiding principles.

All inquiries should be directed to editor@themendenhall.com. We’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion.

Til then, good premises.

Commenting Policy

In the interest of promoting intellectual conversation, we must establish some guidelines for communicating:

All comments by readers will be filtered. In our comments section, we value civility, courtesy, and intellectualism. Comments that diverge into personal attacks or irrelevant subject matter will not be approved. This is not to say that we shy from disagreement– to the contrary. If, however, we feel that a comment is inappropriate or does not contribute to a civil discussion, we will not entertain it. We hope to hear from you soon!


All opinions expressed in The Mendenhall belong to their authors and should not be taken as indicative of the views of any company, organization, or individual with whom the editors may be affiliated.