The Mendenhall Podcast, Ep. 3

  Links to articles mentioned Employment Situation Summary, US Bureau of Labor Statistics Obama uses executive order in sweeping takeover of nation’s climate change policies, via Fox News Observations Now Inconsistent with Climate Change Models for 25 (going on 35) Years, via Cato @ Liberty Antarctic Sea Ice Hits 35-Year High, via Washington Post Advertisements

Podcast, Ep. 2: Week in Review, 10/31/13

Slade Mendenhall and Brian Underwood news events in the week of 10/31/13. Topics include NSA surveillance, Obamacare’s continued failure, the Keystone pipeline, and the culture war within the GOP. Articles mentioned: “Leaked Slide Shows NSA Celebrated Victory Over Google’s Security With A Smiley Face,” Business Insider “REPORT: NSA May Have Spied On The Vatican During The … More Podcast, Ep. 2: Week in Review, 10/31/13

UK Telegraph Compares Mao to Ayn Rand, Understands Neither

by Stuart Hayashi Mao Tse-Tung was an evil man, and many people in the West remain ignorant of the extent of his murderous ways.  I have heard both Americans and mainland Chinese recite the cliche, “Yes, in his old age Mao went too far.  But when he was young and just beginning his governance over … More UK Telegraph Compares Mao to Ayn Rand, Understands Neither

Arguing With Statists

by Stuart K. Hayashi As Stephen Hicks points out, philosophy professor Sarah Conley of Bowdoin College has written a book entitled Against Autonomy: Justifying Coercive Paternalism to explain to you why she is morally correct to use the force of law to impose her will on you. If it sounds like I’m exaggerating, by all means look to the … More Arguing With Statists


by Slade Mendenhall and Brian Underwood It is said that history is recorded by its victors. Apart from the traditional understanding of this maxim, we at The Mendenhall offer another interpretation: that ultimate victory does not come from those who fight the battles, but from those who write of them. The history of an era, as written and … More 2012

Capitalist Referendum

by Stuart Hayashi In the minds of various commentators, the 2012 presidential election has become a referendum on the regulatory entitlement state — as a climactic showdown between private enterprise and statism. Ever since the New Deal, people have taken for granted that the welfare state in the USA could go on forever.  But now … More Capitalist Referendum